Graphic Design | UI

Uii (U-wee) is an app that is designed to help people decide where to go with ease. Not everyone always know where they want to go or eat and where to have fun. With Uii, we can help you figure out your problems when you connect with our app using your location services.

The logo is designed based on combining the “Uii” and the smiley face together because Uii wants their user to always have a smile on their face and not stress upon what they want to do with their friends or family. The use of the font is to create a cute and user-friendly feel for the users. The choice of these three colors is to demonstrate a fun, happy, energetic mood for the users. By combining these elements of color and combination of the smiley face, hence the use of gradient within the logo.

The overall user experience is fairly simple to use, once you connect with the app and it detects your location, you can choose what you want to do. Then it will give you several locations that is nearest to you and you can tap on the pins to discover more. If you find more than one you can add it to your favorites where in your profile area you can find them again for next time.