Hong Kong City Booklet

Graphic Design

The purpose is to design a brand booklet that shows Hong Kong as a dynamic city where you can use it as a guide during your trip to Hong Kong. Hong Kong is not the best nor the cleanest and most advanced in the world but its diversity, density and vibrancy is worth showing to visitors who are visiting for the first time or visitors who want to go hiking that is relative close to transit area.

The objective was to incorporate the aspect of both urban and nature of Hong Kong because i wanted to show that the setting itself is unique since it has a mix of both areas.All the pictures used in this booklet were taken by me when I went to Hong Kong last winter and I found that there are a lot of hikes that I haven’t know of so discovering these areas allowed me to incorporate it in this booklet. In doing so I combined these aspects of known Hong Kong buildings with mountains for the overall logo for this booklet.

The key message is for people to experience the nature goodness where one would not expect to get out of from Hong Kong. Hong Kong is not just a concrete jungle but is a city merged with the nature landscapes.The objective is to show that the setting itself in Hong Kong is unique because it has a blend of urban areas and nature. The accessibility of urban to nature is also really close where people can just take public transportation.