All Bao

Branding | Graphic Design

All Bao is a fictitious food truck company that only sells the classic Hong Kong pastry which is the “pineapple bun”. The objective is to build a brand for this company since there is not many places in Vancouver that specialize in making this pastry so the goal is to create a brand to let this pastry expand and be well known in Vancouver.

For the logo design, I based it off the chinese seal stamp that were used in the past because pineapple bun has existed since the 1940s and it is considered a cultural heritage towards people in Hong Kong. The cross on the bottom symbolizes the pineapple bun because it is known to resemble the pineapple bun. For the choice of color, I decided to use red as it is a powerful color where I want to attract people’s attention right away as in the chinese culture it also symbolizes good luck.